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Nanjing Brocade is a traditional Chinese silk product with a long history of over 1,600 years, it was included in World Intangible Cultural Heritage List by The United Nations in 2009. It`s very hard work to weave the brocade, and it`s complicated in technical requirements as well. Among all four types of famous brocade in China, Nanjing Yun Brocade represents the highest level of brocade fabrics, the other three brocades are Song Brocade, Shu Brocade, and Zhuang Brocade. Therefore Nanjing Yun Brocade is widely regarded as expensive as gold, in ancient China it was only the emperor and royal members that was allowed to wear and enjoy Yun Brocade products (which is also called Cloud Brocade, as cloud pattern is frequently used in the brocade). Even in current Chinese society, though people desire to obtain an art of brocade, due to its high price most people feel hesitated.

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